WP #LeadTypeMonth dueReports
D1.1Working paper on the numerical modelling framework to compare different accounting schemesWP1IfWO12
D1.2Report on appropriateness of accounting schemes to assign carbon credits to ocean NETsWP1IfWR36 
D1.3Report on the expert workshop on current and future costs and learn curvesWP1FMIR30 
D1.4Report on operational and overall economic cost development for various ocean NETsWP1FMIR36 
D1.5Working paper published on NETs in strategically interacting regions based on simulation and analysis in an extended ACE modelWP1IfWO24 
D1.6Working paper published on forwardlooking ecologicaleconomic integrated assessment modelWP1IfWO36 
D1.7Report on the future contribution of ocean NETs in different climate policiesWP1UiOR46 
D1.8Database and report on currently already existing or announced ocean NETs projects, including a world map of projectsWP1IfWR24 
D10.1H – Requirement No. 1WP10GEOMAREth3LINK
D10.2POPD – Requirement No. 2WP10GEOMAREth3LINK
D10.3NEC – Requirement No. 3WP10GEOMAREth3LINK
D2.1Report on comparative case studiesWP2IASSR38 
D2.2Report on global connections in ocean NETsWP2IASSR41 
D2.3Summary report on Workshop 1 on governance for oceanbased NETsWP2IASSR21 
D2.4Summary report on Workshop 2 on governance for oceanbased NETsWP2IASSR33 
D2.5Report on regional and global governance challenges and opportunities for emerging ocean-based NETsWP2IASSR38 
D2.6Policy brief identifying challenges and opportunities for emerging ocean-based NETs in regional and global ocean governance frameworks targeted to EU and global policy makersWP2IASSR41 
D2.7Report on attribution of private conduct to States in relation to ocean-based NETS under the international law of the seaWP2UHAMR17 
D2.8Report on future legal regulation of oceanbased NETsWP2UHAMR28 
D3.1Summary report on Workshop 1 laypersons’ perceptions of marine NETsWP3IfWR6 LINK
D3.2Summary report on Workshop 2 laypersons’ perceptions of the mesocosm experimentsWP3IfWR10LINK 
D3.3Working paper on NETs perception and prioritization as a result of the deliberative workshops with laypeopleWP3IfWR13 
D3.4Report on public perception in deliberative workshops, laboratory experiments, and interviewsWP3NORCER20 
D3.5Report on public perception crosscountry surveysWP3IfWR34 
D3.6Synthesis report on deliberative workshops, lab experiments, interviews and crosscountry surveysWP3NORCER42 
D4.1Quantification of “constrained” potential of ocean NETs, i.e. deployment rates consistent with planetary boundaries, UN sustainable development goals, and public acceptanceWP4GEOMARR24 
D4.2Report on modifications of ocean carbon cycle feedbacks under ocean alkalinizationWP4NORCER18 
D4.3Analysis (report) of high-resolution modelling of efficacy, and regional impacts of selected ocean NETs close to the deployment sitesWP4GEOMARR36 
D4.4Report on skill of CMIP6 models to simulate alkalinity and improved parameterizations for large scale alkalinity distributionWP4AWIR24 
D4.5New / improved model parameterizations for responses in phytoplankton growth and calcification to changes in alkalinity implementedWP4AWIO30 
D4.8Report on carbon cycle interactions and efficacy of land-based NETs (e.g. BECCS), when combined with oceanic NETs (individually or in a portfolio)WP4NTNUR46 
D4.9Report on analysis of ESM data with a focus on full carbon cycle interactions- e.g. how do oceanic-based NETs affect terrestrial carbon uptake?WP4NTNUR46 
D5.1Data set on the dissolution experiments availableWP5UHAMData30 
D5.2Report on principle kinetic behaviour of selected materials for ocean alkalinization purposesWP5UHAMR36 
D5.3Report on parameterizing seasonal response patterns in primary- and net community production to ocean alkalinizationWP5GEOMARR13 
D5.6Report on data workshop of ocean alkalinization mesocosm experiment in a low latitude oligotrophic ocean systemWP5GEOMARR32 
D5.7Report on data workshop of ocean alkalinisation mesocosm experiment in a temperate zone neritic systemWP5GEOMARR42 
D5.8New/refined parameterizations for modelling ocean alkalinization effects on biogeochemistry and plankton dynamicsWP5GEOMARR42 
D6.1Stylized case-study descriptions for use in stakeholder/ public engagement activities, and generally throughout the consortiumWP6UOXFR12 
D6.2Realistic deployment scenarios/pathways that can be used to constrain Earth System modelsWP6HWUR12 
D6.3Summary report on meeting of WP6 case studies stakeholder groupsWP6UOXFR12 
D6.4Report on the detailed lifecycle analysis results of the two casestudiesWP6HWUR36 
D6.5Production of policy briefs based on the results of the two casestudiesWP6UOXFR46 
D6.6Report on case studies resultsWP6HWUR46 
D7.1Summary report on deliberative workshop with stakeholders on mesocosm research in the Canary IslandsWP7UOXFR3 
D7.10Assessment of the social and political acceptability, affordability and feasibility, and societal implications of utilizing ocean-based NETsWP7IfWR46 
D7.11Assessment of oceanbased NET CDR potentials and impacts after accounting for environmental and biogeochemical constraintsWP7GEOMARR46
D7.12Transdisciplinary assessment of the natural and societal dimensions of oceanbased negative emissionsWP7GEOMARR46
D7.2Summary report on deliberative workshop with stakeholders on mesocosm research in the NorwayWP7UOXFR12 
D7.3Web-based SRG platform establishedWP7GEOMARR12 
D7.4Report I of the interaction with the SRG and within WPs that have stakeholder sub-groupsWP7GEOMARR18
D7.5Report II of the interaction with the SRG and within WPs that have stakeholder sub-groupsWP7GEOMARR30
D7.6Report III of the interaction with the SRG and within WPs that have stakeholder sub-groupsWP7GEOMARR46
D7.7Specialized protocol for responsible research and innovation on ocean-based NETsWP7UOXFR46 
D7.8Report on mesocosm experimentation deliberative workshops with stakeholdersWP7UOXFR36 
D7.9Report on a sustainable development goals framework for oceanbased NET evaluationWP7GEOMARR36 
D8.1Data management planWP8GEOMARORDP6 LINK
D8.2Ready to use implementation of project’s data portal with catalogue for findability, common services (SFTP,OPeNDAP) and
persistent identifier for accessibility and interoperability
D8.3Periodic report on available dataWP8GEOMARR18 
D8.4Periodic report on available data IIWP8GEOMARR30 
D8.5Periodic report on available data IIIWP8GEOMARR46 
D9.1Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of results (PEDR)WP9GEOMARR3LINK
D9.2International Scientific Advisory Board members list and a Terms of Reference listWP9GEOMARR3LINK
D9.3Project poster and flyerWP9GEOMARWeb
D9.4Periodic Report 1 on cooperation activitiesWP9GEOMARR18
D9.5Periodic Report 2 on cooperation activitiesWP9GEOMARR30
D9.6Periodic Report 3 on cooperation activitiesWP9GEOMARR46