WP #LeadAccess
MS7First model simulations with the LO–OBREcoM at local ocean sitesWP5GEOMARDATA CODE
MS10Draft Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) protocol formulatedWP7UOXFLINK
MS11First results from dissolution experiments available to guide alkalinization field experimentWP5UHAMDATA
MS14Software developed to assess carbon accounting schemes for ocean-based NETsWP1IfWLINK CODE
MS25High-resolution modelling results available to inform other modelling tasksWP4GEOMARDATA
MS27Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) protocol update I *WP7UOXFLINK
MS29Successful review of project’s carbon footprint reduction IWP9GEOMARkg CO2 saved:
MS35Improved model parameterizations implemented in ESMs for simulations in task 4.5WP4AWIDATA CODE

*If you wish to cite this text, please use the following reference: OceanNETs Principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) for ocean-based Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs), Version 4, June 2022.