WP #LeadAccess
MS1Deliberative workshop with stakeholders on mesocosm research in the Canary IslandsWP7UOXFLINK
MS2OceanNETs website onlineWP9GEOMARLINK
MS3Contact other funded H2020 NETs projectWP9GEOMARDocumented contact
MS4Case study scoping meetingWP6HWUMeeting held and documented
MS5Stakeholder Reference Group established and operationalWP7GEOMARFirst video/tele-conference completed
MS6Mesocosm experiments in oligotrophic waters (Gran Canaria, ES) successfully conductedWP5GEOMARLINK
MS7First model simulations with the LO–OBREcoM at local ocean sitesWP5GEOMARDATA CODE
MS8Scenario forcing to be used for WP4 simulations selectedWP4NTNUThis is documented, communicated to partners, and will appear in the 1st periodic project report
MS9Circulation of a case study briefing document to the consortium with analysis and results of scoping meetingsWP6HWUDocument sent via email and available on the internal project webpage
MS10Draft Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) protocol formulatedWP7UOXFLINK
MS11First results from dissolution experiments available to guide alkalinization field experimentWP5UHAMDATA
MS12Simulation results that document dependencies between alkalinization deployment rates and their potential effects on seasonal biogeochemistry and plankton dynamicsWP5GEOMARCalibrated simulation results and outcome of sensitivity analyses (different deployment rates) available internally
MS13Deliberative workshop with stakeholders on mesocosm research in Bergen, NorwayWP7UOXFWorkshop held and documented
MS14Software developed to assess carbon accounting schemes for ocean-based NETsWP1IfWLINK CODE
MS15Comprehensive assessment of legal and governance literature on ocean-based NETsWP2UHAMInterim draft report available internally
MS16First meeting of WP6 case studies stakeholder groupsWP6UOXFMeeting held and documented
MS17Mesocsom experiments in Norway successfully conductedWP5GEOMARLINK
MS18Fieldwork in Germany completedWP2RIFS
MS19Data from experiments and interviews availableWP3IfWData sets available internally
MS20Research on governance of private actors completedWP2UHAMInterim draft report available internally
MS21Workshop 1 on governance for oceanbased NETsWP2RIFSWorkshop held and documented
MS22Skill of CMIP6 models to simulate alkalinity assessedWP4AWIReport available internally
MS23Fieldwork in USA completedWP2RIFS
MS24Survey amongst selected law of the sea departments of foreign ministries of States that are parties to the London ProtocolWP2UHAMInterim draft report available internally
MS25High-resolution modelling results available to inform other modelling tasksWP4GEOMARDATA
MS26Constrained ocean NETs deployment rates based on tasks 4.1 and 4.3 defined, modelling protocol for Task 4.5 definedWP4GEOMARModelling protocol for task 4.5 available internally
MS27Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) protocol update I *WP7UOXFLINK
MS28Appraisal of the interaction with the SRG by OceanNETs Steering CommitteeWP9GEOMAR
MS29Successful review of project’s carbon footprint reduction IWP9GEOMARkg CO2 saved:
MS30Clustering activities evaluated by SSC (year 2)WP9GEOMARNoted in periodic report
MS31Expert workshop on current and future costs and learning curves for NETs held; cost scenarios can be rolled outWP1FMIWorkshop documented
MS32Cross-country data collected and data quality validatedWP3IfWData sets available internally
MS33Fieldwork in Australia completedWP2RIFS
MS34Workshop 2 on governance for oceanbased NETsWP2RIFSWorkshop held and documented
MS35Improved model parameterizations implemented in ESMs for simulations in task 4.5WP4AWIDATA CODE
MS36Ocean alkalinisation case studies Life Cycle Analyses data compiledWP6HWUData available internally
MS37Update I of database and map of oceanbased NET projectsWP1IfWUpdated database available internally
MS38Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) protocol update IIWP7UOXFNot yet available
MS39Clustering activities evaluated by SSC (year 3)WP9GEOMARNoted in periodic report
MS40Clustering activities evaluated by SSC (Year 4)WP9GEOMARNot yet available
MS41Update II of database and map of oceanbased NET projectsWP1IfWUpdated database available internally
MS42Data management completed according to the requirements of the H2020 Open Research Data Pilot and FAIRWP8GEOMARNot yet available
MS43Successful review of the project’s carbon footprint reduction IIWP9GEOMARNot yet available

*If you wish to cite this text, please use the following reference: OceanNETs Principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) for ocean-based Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs), Version 4, June 2022.