Work package 1: Economic prospects and incentives

Leaders: Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Finnish Meteorological Institute
Partners: GEOMAR, UiO, Leipzig University

Dr. Wilfried Rickels // Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Prof. Adriaan Perrels // Finnish Meteorological Institute

Prof. Martin Quaas // University of Leipzig
Prof. Tommi Ekholm // Finnish Meteorological Institute
Prof. Sonja Peterson // Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Prof. Christian Träger // University of Oslo
Dr. Eeva Kuntsi-Reunanen // Finnish Meteorological Institute
Dr. Marius Paschen // Kiel Institute for the World Economy

This work package will contribute to understanding and assessing the (future) role of ocean-based negative emission technologies in globally coordinated and non-coordinated climate policies.


  1. To assess accounting schemes in their appropriateness of assigning carbon credits to the various ocean NETs.
  2. To assess the operational and economic cost (and cost reduction potentials from learning and scale effects)
  3. To assess social optimum ocean NETs application (i.e. accounting for side-effects) and distributional implications and strategic incentives of ocean NETs application.
  4. To assess and map existing and proposed ocean-based NETs projects.