Work package 3: Public perception

Leaders: Kiel Institute for the World Economy, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre
Partner: UOXF

Many NETs are unknown to the general public and therefore perceptions and acceptance cannot be assessed easily. In addition, there is hardly anything known about laypersons’ associations with and reasoning about OceanNETs. Our analytical focus is, therefore, not on absolute shares of acceptance in the population, but on dominant associations, variations inacceptance based on NETs characteristics, the effects of different framings, and individual characteristics, such as values and political outlook.


  1. Explore laypersons’ perceptions of ocean-based NET research and deployment.
  2. Explaining the variations in acceptance based on values, political outlook, framings, and demographics.
  3. Link laypersons’ perceptions with experts’ economic assessment and stakeholders’ views on governance to contribute to the development of scenarios constrained by socio-economic factors.